Success Stories

We love our success stories and customer feedback here at Point-Less. To date we have been 100% successful. 
 Dave (Liverpool) - "WooHoo - Point-Less handled both my parking ticket and speeding tickets - very impressed"
Dom (Sheffield)  - "Service was great, definitely recommending to my friends and wouldn't hesitate to use again, but hoping I will not have to "


Mrs B (Nottingham) - "I have never had a parking ticket before so was really upset when I got one for being 5 minutes late on my return - it felt so unfair. Someone told me about Point-Less so decided to give it a try - I am so glad I did"
FB (Bristol) - "Point-Less was so easy to use - I was a bit sceptical at first, but sure enough within a couple of weeks my parking ticket was cancelled - it was such a relief especially as money is a bit tight"


At Point-Less we love this hilarious excerpt below from a well-known TV show and take note of the ‘evidence of offence’ supplied – utter madness...