Frequently Asked Questions

What is Point-Less?
Point-Less is a one-stop solution if you have been issued a parking or speeding ticket. Our aim is to have the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or Notice to Owner (NTO) cancelled by the issuer within 7-10 working days.
You are offered the unique service of being able to lawfully prevent all action against you with the cancellation. This means you will not receive the associated points upon your license or an increased insurance premium.

What’s the process for me?
Simple. Just fill in a few straightforward details HERE and upload a copy of the ticket. You will receive a response confirming acceptance of your application by e-mail. Once payment is confirmed we will contact the issuing authority on your behalf and have them put on Notice to cancel the parking ticket. Once the ticket is cancelled, (normally within 10 working days), we’ll email you to confirm the matter is closed.

How does it work?
We provide a lawful means of rebutting the presumption of liability with parking tickets. Whilst we cannot guarantee the issuing authority cancel the ticket immediately, we can on your behalf notify the issuers why they must act on our representations, and when they do not, hold them accountable.

Why choose us?
We offer you the unique service of having speeding points cancelled by the issuing authority. What’s more, unlike other companies, we aim to have your parking and speeding tickets cancelled at the offset and will handle every part of the process for you, so you won’t have to go through a lengthy appeals process. Finally, our solution takes positive action rooted in Law and, unless you would like to make a claim, negates the need for you to attend court.

How long does the process take?
The process, on average, requires two Notices from us, so it depends on how quickly we receive a response from the issuer. Please note, sometimes it takes a little more correspondence and sometimes it requires just one notice, but we aim to have the ticket and associated points cancelled within 10 working days.

How much does the service cost?
Parking Tickets (PCN’s / NTO’s):
We check your ticket for free to see if it meets our criteria, then for every cancellation, it’s a flat rate of £25 for all our parking tickets.
Speeding Tickets (FPN’s):
We check your ticket for free to see if it meets our criteria, then for every cancellation, it’s a flat rate of £100.
To launch a private prosecution incurs further cost but these are to be recovered from the offending issuing authority following our win.

Do I have to pay if I’m unsuccessful in my application to Point-Less?
Absolutely not. The whole idea is to save you money. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if your application isn’t accepted by us.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard or PayPal to enable a secure and safe payment.

Can I have existing speeding points removed from my license? 
This is a service we are currently working on, on a referral basis. Email us with your enquiry and we might be able to help.

What license points will you not help with?
– Any points awarded when you have caused loss, harm or injury to another individual.
– Points awarded for drunk or dangerous driving.
– Points awarded for speeding above a certain threshold, as determined by our team in accordance with fixed penalty guidelines.

Can Point-Less help with NPIs?
Email over any documentation you have received and we will happily take a look and let you know if we can help, but please note we will never help with tickets awarded for dangerous driving or where loss, harm or injury has occurred.

 I’m having trouble uploading a copy of my ticket, can I email it to you instead?
At present we only accept uploaded versions up to 10Mb in size.

Can you challenge tickets I have already tried to appeal?
Yes, as long you still have the Parking Charge Notice / Fixed Penalty Notice / Notice to Owner (PCN / FPN / NTO).

Help, I used your service but now have debt-collectors contacting me!
Do not worry if the PCN issuer or a third party company still contacts you following our Notification – this is normal. Simply email us at with a copy of the latest document along with your full name and reference number and we will take care of it for you.

I ignored a ticket and now have an increased fine and/or bailiffs threatening action, can you help?
Absolutely, so long as you have not yet paid the fine. We aim to prioritise any urgent applications.
Will it cost me more?
If your details have been sold to a third-party Debt Collection Agency prior to you using our services, then we will need to send two Notices: one to the ticket issuer and one to the DCA to prevent further action against you. Hence it will cost you the initial fee + a further £25 for the Notice to the DCA.
If your details are sold to a third-party Debt Collection Agency following our contact with the ticket issuer, then we will not charge you any extra on top of the initial fee.

What happens if you are unsuccessful?
It is important to note our service does not guarantee cancellation; however we do hold the issuing authority/ third-party company liable for their actions if they continue to press you for payment. In this instance you have the option of initiating a private prosecution in which damages can be awarded to you.

Will I need to go to court?
No – unless you decide to take action against the issuing authority. Should you wish to prosecute a so-called issuing authority for damages if they refuse to cease and desist or confirm cancellation of the PCN /NTO, we have Legal partners who could handle your case.