What is Point-Less?

Point-Less is an app and website solution for any motorist issued with a parking ticket, speeding ticket or charged with a minor driving offence.  We aim to have a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or Notice to Owner (NTO) cancelled by the issuer within 7-10 working days. 
We offer the unique service of lawfully preventing all Legal action against you with the cancellation of the issued Notice. You will not receive the associated points upon your licence, fine, nor increased insurance premium.  Please note, we do not encourage speeding or dangerous driving, each application is reviewed, for free, on a case by case basis.
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 If you've already received points upon your driving licence and incurred a fine, we offer the unique service of points removal, the fine being returned to you and damages awarded if you have suffered loss or harm due to loss of employment etc.  Our costs are paid by the Crown Prosecution Service.  No other website, Legal firm or Solicitor offers this unique service.  Please email us for details and note, if injury, loss or harm has been caused we shall not, from a moral perspective, be able to assist.


5 Reasons to use Point-Less...

1. We offer the unique service of being able to lawfully prevent speeding points or fines being incurred.
2. As a result, your insurance premium will not increase.
3. We save you money with parking tickets: our service, at a flat fee of £25 if you don’t decide to prosecute for damages, is less             expensive than hefty fines you may receive.
4. Have the stressful and on-going harassment that often ensues with tickets dealt with for you.
5. To date we have had a 100% success rate.

How does it work?

Simple. Select ‘Cancel My Ticket' below and fill in a few details. Once your application has been reviewed we will contact the issuing authority on your behalf to have the ticket and associated points cancelled.

We can also help if the account has been sold to a Debt Collection Agency and, if they will not cease and desist with their harassment, you are given the option of launching a private prosecution in which damages will be claimed.

Did you know ?

3.7 million driver records were sold by the DVLA to parking ticket companies last year, at what profit?
RAC Foundation, 2016
£693 million profit generated from parking ticket fines in financial year 2015.
RAC Foundation, 2016
~£600 million in speeding tickets has been incorrectly applied to motorists in the UK.

No Penalty Points report, 2016

On average it costs £2500 to hire a solicitor to challenge a ticket awarding speeding points.
No Penalty Points report, 2016


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